Candlewick Greens specialise in making highly scented soy/paraffin blend wax tarts and original creations. We use the finest ingredients to create highly fragranced melts. They are ready to ship to your door!


Tubby Chunks

This is a selection of stock that may be available, please visit the Ready to ship! section for current stock availability


Very highly fragranced melts that will fill your house with delicious scent, made in a parasoy blend these chunkies blend several scents to create brand new ones. These pack a PUNCH! I would recommend half a chunk for a large room and a quarter for a smaller room. They come to you in a cute little tub so convienient and clean to store the rest for another time. Each tubby chunk will contain complementary scents and the selection will change frequently. These are ready to be posted NOW.

Tubby Chunks

Currently available blends are below, check on restock day, normally Fridays for more new combinations.

American Dream - Complex delicious vanilla layers.
Apple Strudel - crisp buttery filo pastry dusted with cinnamon sugar filled with soft sweet spicy baked apples.
Avo Fairy - Fresh zingy ave a bath with candy sweet pink snowfairy kisses
Bathoff - Dark violet leaf with no sweetness, a hint of eastern spice.
Black Cherry Merlot - this one is lovely if you like cherry, heavy black cherry syrup, crushed raspberry, deep dark merlot on a soft powdery base.
Caramel Latte - strong sweet coffee with hot milk and a big shot of sweet caramel syrup
Celebrations - Fresh clean intoxicating and so so uplifting with citrus oils and a sherbetty finish.
Chasing Waterfalls - a beautiful water scent, fresh and clean and calm.
Comforting Kiss - Blackcurrants and more blackcurrants, tart sweet with a hint of musk.
Cuppa Chai - spiced indian chai with milk and a creamy spicy finish.
Deathy Decay - the most beautiful haunting floral with rose, ylang ylang and white jasmine, a beautiful romantic scent.
Doodlebug - Doodle Bug is a blend of cream soda, fresh watermelon slices, hubba bubba bubblegum and cotton candy, the bubblegum dominates but its much sweeter and candier!
Dreamer of Dreams - We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams with soft sandalwood, herbal lavender and white musks
Erotica - Imagine if you will a beautiful young man (or woman) covered in glistening tropical scented massage oil gently eating a selection of juicy fruits from your very naked body!! Ooer!! This is a deeply sexy fruity fragrance.
Filthy - Fresh spearmint with sandalwood and thyme very sensual and masculine.
Fluffy Towels - thick soft fluffy white towels fresh from the washing machine, a clean soft laundry scent.
French Knickers - Purdy pink silky knickers! Lovely clean fresh laundry with pretty pink chiffon and a dusting of pink sugar.
Frozen - Iced peppermint, frozen menthol and spearmint chewy overpour, so fresh!
Grandmas Kitchen - Hot apple cider bubbling on the stove with strong cinnamon spice mix, hints of warm buttery pastry and wood from the stove, a wondreful warming autumnal aroma.
Grannys Blanket Box - a very old fashioned laundry scent, very clean and comforting and soothing.
Hawaiian Breeze - the heavenly heady aroma of Hawaiian jasmine flowers, sweet intoxicating and a very tropical scent.
High Street - All the scents of a busy soap shop, a wonderful musky blend.
Honeywashed - Honey toffee vanilla goodness
Hot Toddy Tea - turkish apple tea, mildly spices with cinnamon and sweet dried apple slices.
KIF - The post beautiful pink powdery fragrance, delicate and so pretty with soft jasmine and musks
Karmic - Rich patchouli with spiced orange just like the popular soap shop
Lady Katherine - Zesty fresh lime fragrance just like the popular soap.
Lemon Green Tea - a new house blend of delicious refreshing green tea with a big shot of fresh lemon juice and a twist of lemon rind
Lemon Sutin' - Lemon extravaganza! Lemon curd rich and buttery, lemon sherbet light and zingy and tart lemon juice and rind, its lemony!
Lust For Life - heavy heady rich dark jasmine, so very sexy and naughty!
Marilyn Monroe - Oh the glamour! Yards and yards of sweet pink chiffon with champagne cocktail bubbles to tickle your nose!
Midnight Camper Van - The dark brooding mysterious one in the popular van series, dare you try it?
Moonlit Tea - a strong masculine tea scent with black tea and mystical herbs.
OMG Twinkie! - Delicious light buttery sponge drenched in warm gooey marshmallow. Mouthwatering!
One Million Kisses - A delicate apricot from osmanthus blossoms, combined with hints of mandarin and deep resins, expresses the complexities of true love
Outside Inside - floral and nature lovers this is for you, fresh green grass with sweet summer floral breezes carrying lilacs, orange blossom and english garden flowers.
Pink Peony - Peonies in full bloom, exquisitely fragile, with the juicy bite of red apple and the opulence of jasmine, rose and gillyflower. Mingling with the sensual touch of soft suede. Luxurious, enticing and seductive.
Pink Rhubarb - Tart mouth watering rhubarb with sweet pink sugar, just a dusting, delicious!
Pink parma - A very old house blend and still delicious, parma violet softened with pretty pink sugar
Pistachio Mallow Birthday Cake - Creamy pistachio frosting over rich buttery birthday cake, a delicious comforting scent
Purple Poison - Delicious dark purple velvet meets sensual purple sandalwood, very fragrant and mystical.
Purple Satin - a mystical with hints of laundry, gentle musks, feminine perfume and whisps of sweet oud and sandalwood.
Rose Jam - Sweet rose petal jam, relaxing and uplifting and beautifully sweet
Sage and Citrus - A very fresh herbal scent, pretty and very relaxing, if you are a herbal lavender fan do try this
Sakura Blossoms - A beautiful fresh cherry blossom fragrance, very clean and calming.
Saviours Breath - Complex blend with melon and citrus, sandalwood and cedar. Clean and beautiful.
Snow White Apple - Huge red shiny crisp apple, sweet and juicy and true to life apple scent.
So Bright - A wonderful musky crisp apple scent, unusual and very fresh and clean.
Sunshine on a Rainy Day. - Cheerful uplifting and zesty, chucks of west indian lime and orange pucker all drenched in sweet n sour grapefruit mallows. A great deodoriser!
Super Salty - Fresh blend of mandarin, neroli, orange blossom and white musk
Sweater Weather - A wonderful fresh outdoorsy type scent, fresh air, crisp frosty greens.
The Botanical Gardens - a wonderful fresh green scent with leaves and stems and flotal notes
The Burrow - Harry Potters first real home, smells like warm cake, fresh washing and love.
The Countess - So very very dark, dark musk, whit musk, wild musk, whispers of tobacco and fresh dark blood.
The Pearl - Calming lavender and chamomile intertwined with myrrh and blackcurrant.
The Sultan - Clean and fresh just like the popular soap!
Tropical Jungle - An earthy, tropical tonic made with green cypress and cedarwood with hints of ylang ylang.
Unicorn Horn Candy - rainbow sherbet dusted candy mountains of jelly beans and lollypops with a marshmallow fluff topping!
Voodoo Love - A fresh blend of jasmine and lily of the valley on a strong coconut background. Not a floral scent more of a mystical.
Watermelon Lemonade - Delicious tangy lemonage with watermelon candy
Weather Winds - a scent of the outdoors for indoors, all of nature in a tub, green plants, wet earth and fresh gusting winds.

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